Food and Wine Club

Feeling stuck in the wine aisle? Leave the hard part to us! Welcome to a new sort of wine club that gives you extra stuff, without the stuffiness.

Each month you’ll receive not only three unbeatable bottles, but an assortment of quality meats, cheeses, and snacks, homemade in our own kitchen or handpicked from one of our favorite purveyors.

The wines we select will also highlight a unique subject in wine, be it a varietal, a region, or a winemaking style. Custom tasting notes will help you navigate the qualities of each wine, understand why we’ve grouped them together, and explain how they make food taste even better.

Now it’s even easier to bring home the best of Old World Deli.


Join the Club! For $85 you’ll receive:

  • 3 bottles of wine, usually reds but some whites too

  • 1 artisan cured meat

  • 1 specialty cheese

  • 1 housemade sausage or pâté

  • 1 specialty market good

  • 10% off all wines in the store on pickup night

  • Coupons for sandwiches, deli case items, and market goods

  • Guaranteed seating for special events like Paella Night, Wine & Food Gala, and monthly Wine Dinners

  • Priority ordering on limited release wines

Food + Wine Club pick up is on the last Thursday of each month. All membership inquiries must be received by the 20th.  All membership cancellations must be received 10 days prior to pick up.

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Food & Wine Club
85.00 every month