Deli Case & Grocery

Deli Meats & Cheeses Meats and Cheeses are imported and subject to market price. Visit or call (360-738-2090) for prices per pound.

Old World Deli carries hard-to-find meats and cheeses available by the pound or as part of a hearty sandwich made with Breadfarm bread. Typically, we have over 100 old-world-style meats or cheeses to choose from in our deli case each day, many imported from Europe, but also some from as nearby as California, Oregon and Washington.

Old World Deli Made-In-House Meats

Corned Beef  $18/lb

Roast Beef $16/lb

Pastrami $20/lb

Bacon $12/lb

Pork and Duck Rillettes (priced in glass jars)

Duck Confit $39/lb

Smoked Duck Breast $39/lb

Sausages (Made every Thursday) $9.99/lb unless specialty

Kielbasa, Linguica $15/lb

Olympic Provisions – Portland, Oregon

Individual sticks, flavors change $10/each

Large format salami Etna, Capri, Rigani Loukaniko $32/lb

Salumeria Biellese – Manhattan, New York

Truffle Salumi $12.95/each

La Quercia – Iowa

Speck $40/lb

Prosciutto $40/lb

Pancetta $30/lb

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats – Seattle, Washington

Mole $32/lb

Salumi $32/lb

Hot Sopressata $32/lb

Finocchiona $32/lb

Seasonal $32/lb

Guanciale $26/lb

Coppa $32/lb

Lamb Prosciutto MP seasonal availability

Bavarian Meats – Seattle, Washington

Landjaegers $3.75/each

Braunschweiger $10/lb

Fra’ Mani – Berkeley, California

Sopressata $32/lb

Toscano $32/lb

Gentile $32/lb

Molinari & Sons – San Francisco, California

San Francisco Dry Genoa Salami $14/lb

San Francisco Hot Salami $14/lb

Sopressata $16/lb

Finocchiona $16/lb

Other Meats

Bayonne Ham $30/lb

Prosciutto di Parma $26/lb

Alto Adige Speck $22/lb

Parma Tartufotto $16/lb

Mortadella $16/lb

Alp’s Hot Coppa $30/lb

Iberico Lardo $24/lb

Jamon Serrano$36/lb

Iberico Chorizo $36/lb

Palacios Chorizo $10.00/each

Imperial Chorizo $12.95/each


Cheese (cheese selection changes frequently but these are a few standards)

Beemster $22/lb

Brie d’Affinois $19/lb

Brie Delice de Bourgogne $19/lb

Bleu d’Auvergne $17/lb

Burrata (Seasonal)

Comte $25/lb

Emmental $11/lb

Fontina $14/lb

Gruyere $22/lb

Provolone Piccante $16/lb

Mahon $20/lb

Miticana $18/lb

Manchego $19/lb

Raclette $17/lb

Airship cheeses and other specialty cheeses are also available